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Business Process Optimiser using Lean techniques

In conjunction with the AgriTech Ireland Cluster, ACE runs a business process optimiser programme to enable companies deliver process improvements through process streamlining, automation and digitalisation using lean management techniques.

It is developed for AgriTech businesses who want to fast-track an improvement project while developing continuous improvement skills and nurturing teamwork.

The programme focuses on supporting a company

to deliver a key process improvement project by bringing together a project team from the company to work on an improvement project using the LEAN technique Value Stream Mapping (VSM).

The approach comprises a blend of one-to-one engagement and structured workshops over a 4-month timeframe. Workshops are held in-person together with up to 5 projects teams from different functional areas and/or other AgriTech companies where shared learning is promoted.

Each individual participant gains practical skills in the application of LEAN techniques and on successful completion is awarded credits at NFQ level 8 from MTU.


The process optimiser programme enables project teams to optimise the value proposition for their customers following 3 distinct phases

  1. Map: Map current value streams and key process requirements.
  2. Benchmark: Examine business processes and compare with best practice.
  3. Improve: Change processes by developing and driving an improvement action tracker.

The benefits of the programme are:

  • Reduced process lead-time
  • Reduced costs
  • Improved quality

Immersive Reality Expertise

Our Experts

With our in-house digital immersive media specialists offering expert consultation on a wide range of video or graphic-based extended reality solutions, drone services and digital video production, the ACE team will help you to explore a variety of extended reality options and discuss how the integration of digital technology can help improve and update your business.

Funding Supports

ACE can provide clients with funding acquisition support with our grant match-making services. We will help identify the right funding scheme for your idea and assist you in crafting a successful application for our collaboration.