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Case Studies

Sales Sense

SalesSense are an Irish owned company in the Sales and Customer Service sector. As an organisation they put an emphasis on the training of team members to yield extraordinary results, by using cutting edge technology, innovative business modelling and talented people. SalesSense engaged with ACE through a partnership funded by the DETE and administered by Enterprise Ireland. As an initial ...
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Tricel is a family owned manufacturing business founded in Killarney County Kerry which today is the parent site of a growing number of international locations.  Tricel engaged in a partnership with ACE supported by DETE Regional Enterprise Transition Scheme fund administered by Enterprise Ireland to deliver digital immersive technology services on a pilot basis as part of their company training.  The first ...
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Manufacturing Industry Training

This project shows the capabilities of virtual reality to provide training around complex machinery. The two main use cases being highlighted here are for operation and repairs.  Through guided training simulations a user can learn the various functions of a complex machine, while interacting with that machine in a safe, immersive environment.  This provides the dual benefits of allowing users ...
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The ACE VR Experience

The ACE VR Experience represents a cutting-edge and immersive Virtual Reality (VR) showcase designed to provide individuals with a comprehensive and engaging exploration of ACE as a company.  This innovative platform offers participants an in-depth journey through various dimensions of ACE's identity, including its mission, vision, and an extensive product gallery.   By leveraging the power of VR technology, “The ACE ...
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A Day In STEM – Graphical Training Space

Virtual training spaces have revolutionized the way users engage with tasks by providing immersive and interactive environments that go beyond traditional learning methods. Among these innovative spaces is "A Day in STEM," a remarkable virtual graphical environment meticulously designed to showcase the boundless interactivity and potential of extended reality (XR) technologies. The primary goal of this cutting-edge platform is to ...
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