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About ACE

Specialists in Digital Immersive Technology &
Business consultancy for the AgriTech sector and beyond

The AgriTech Centre of Excellence, CLG (ACE) is a public-private partnership established in 2018 with combined funding of €2 million from Enterprise Ireland, Kerry County Council, Munster Technological University and a number of the Tier 1 AgriTech companies: Dairymaster, McHale Engineering, Abbey Machinery.

ACE’s primary objective has been to drive forward Ireland’s AgriTech companies by enhancing their company capabilities and enabling them to expand their reach and global ambition through delivering cutting-edge immersive reality technology and training services via the ACE Virtual Reality Suite, implementing learning management solutions, providing business process stream mapping consultation and developing University accredited courses specific to the future needs of the sector.

ACE has grown to serve wider sectors in recent years, including engaging financial commitments and partnerships with companies in manufacturing, food production, sales training, business services, bioeconomy, retail and education.

Our History

ACE is an industry lead multiregional proposal covering the regions in Ireland’s Atlantic Corridor. ACE is the first of its kind in Ireland & indeed Europe and is, therefore, in its very nature, innovative. ACE will support an exponential change in the AgriTech industry.

ACE offers a new and exciting approach to sectoral learning and development, through e-learning and virtual reality. ACE will enhance the capabilities of Ireland’s AgriTech businesses/companies and expand their reach and global ambition, thereby positioning Ireland at the forefront of the international AgriTech industry.

The center strives to identify, research, implement and share best practices in terms of learning innovation through the development of a novel learning and development system and associated processes. The goal is to enable our partner companies to improve the skills of their people, their company capability and support internationalization, whilst delivering sustainable market growth.

ACE is a key partner and catalyst for our AgriTech companies in realizing the potential of their internal people and their external dealer networks. A key strategic goal for the Center is to aid our partner AgriTech Companies in attracting and retaining high performing skilled personnel.


A Global Center of Excellence in AgriTech and beyond which will support an exponential change in the industry.

The center will identify, research, share and implement best practices in innovation, processes and systems, people skills, company capability, and internationalisation to deliver sustainable market growth.


The development of a Global Centre of Excellence in AgriTech with the objective of positioning Ireland at the forefront of the international AgriTech industry using digital technologies.

Our offering to the AgriTech Industry

  • Training
  • Education
  • Sectoral Promotion Activities
  • Knowledge Sharing
  • Sectoral Development Activities