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ACE Services

Our Service Aim

ACE uses immersive learning technologies such as learning experience and virtual reality platforms to deliver excellence in learning and development to enhance company capabilities.

ACE aims to enhance the capability of Irish companies, enabling them to expand their reach and global ambition.

Our vision is to share and implement best practices in digital innovation, process and systems by leveraging immersive technologies to deliver sustainable growth.

ACE offers companies:

  • Digital upgrade of company training to include immersive reality
  • 3D premises tours & virtual showrooms
  • Digital twin creation of company assets
  • 3D scanning
  • Drone and sensor services
  • Digital media productions including green screen technology
  • Virtual events and immersive experiences
  • Digital broadcasting with AR integration for live or simu-live productions with a wow-factor

Advantages of Immersive Learning for Companies

  • Ability for geographically dispersed learners to meet together in a virtual environment to role-play, conduct meetings and exchange information
  • Practice of real-world skills with rich feedback in safe environment that does not impact real process or customers
  • Master of a technique, behaviour or method through guided rehearsal
  • Realistic and immersive nature of the learning environment
  • Learning content embedded in the proper context – providing a simulation of the actual work environment for the employee
  • Ability to practice skills and interaction when and wherever individual has access to a computer
  • Individualised instruction as a learner progresses through the simulation at their own pace.


Take a look at our case studies for some key examples and contact us to book a personalised demo in our ACE VR Suite