'Delivering Excellence in Learning and Development for the AgriTech Sector'

A new approach to AgriTech sectoral learning,
development and research

ACE is a new and exciting approach to AgriTech sectoral learning, development and research. ACE uses immersive learning technologies such as e-learning and virtual reality platforms to deliver excellence in learning and development for the AgriTech sector. Industry-led, ACE works to enhance the capabilities of Ireland's AgriTech companies, enabling them to expand their reach and global ambition. The vision is to position Ireland at the forefront of the international AgriTech industry.


A Global Center of Excellence in AgriTech which will support an exponential change in the industry. The center will identify, research, share and implement best practices in innovation, processes and systems, people skills, company capability, and internationalization to deliver sustainable market growth.


The development of a global centre of Excellence in AgriTech with the objective of positioning Ireland at the forefront of the international AgriTech industry.


ACE will work with you to identify training needs within your organisation and across your dealer network.


The ACE Training Needs Analysis process enables up-skilling & retention of staff within your company.

Sectoral Promotion Activities

ACE will aid in increasing your organisations capabilities, ensuring business continuity planning.

Knowledge Sharing

Supporting our companies to leverage relationships and share knowledge.

Sectoral Development Activities

Supporting companies to ensure their people, internal processes, capabilities & infrastructure are best in class.

ACE Partners

ACE is a collaboration between Dairymaster, McHale Engineering, Abbey Machinery, Munster Technological University, Kerry and Kerry County Council. The ACE center is co-funded by our partners and the Regional Enterprise Development Fund (REDF) administered through Enterprise Ireland.