The 'ACE Experience'

Following exhaustive research, ACE has identified two streams of learning and development which we facilitate, pioneer and drive for the AgriTech Sector

What is 'The ACE Experience'?

ACE has two streams of learning and development which we facilitate, pioneer, and drive for the AgriTech Sector

Stream 1 - In collaboration with our Academic Partner, Munster Technological University, Kerry, we facilitate the development of educational programmes specific to the individual needs of the learner. These programmes are aimed at addressing the skills needs of the AgriTech Sector.

Stream 2 - At ACE we identify, research, and share best practices in terms of learning and development for the AgriTech Sector. An integral part of the ACE Experience is our approach to learning management for our partner organizations. We support our industry partners' development and training needs during the entire employee life-cycle. This includes bespoke programme development. Our suite of offerings includes bespoke workshops to meet our industry partners' needs. These workshops are delivered on-site from our HQ in Tralee, County Kerry.

Why Study with ACE?

Our educational programmes are developed and delivered in partnership with Irelands leading AgriTech educational institution - Munster Technological University, Kerry. By embarking on our collaboratively developed modules you will become part of a geographically dispersed learning community within the AgriTech space - both nationally and internationally.
During your studies, the modules are delivered by our highly experienced panel of lecturers, tutors and industry experts. Our panel work to ensure that the quality of teaching is first in everything they do. They strive for continuous improvement, ensuring that the learners' needs are met not only today but also into the future.


Get University Accreditation

All of our Stream 1 programmes are accredited by our partner educational institution - Munster Technological University, Kerry, ensuring you receive an internationally-recognized qualification upon completion of a programme. This has the same validity and credibility as any other qualification awarded by our partner university on campus.


Flexible learning - any time, anywhere!

At ACE, we understand that having skilled personnel within our industry partners, within their dealer networks and out on the ground at farmer level is vitally important. Staying on top of the latest technology offerings, the latest industry knowledge, fast and efficient servicing/troubleshooting capability and ultimately being able to provide an excellent customer experience is at the forefront of everything we do at ACE. We understand that ACE Learners have work, life and family commitments to balance around their research, learning and development needs.

That is why at ACE we are committed to an innovative approach to sectoral research, learning and development, ensuring our learners have access to engaging and highly interactive educational content, combined with personal access to world-leading AgriTech companies and educational institutions to share their experience and support - whenever and wherever they need it.

What are the benefits for an ACE Learner?

  • The ability for geographically dispersed learners to meet together in a virtual environment to role-play, conduct meetings, and exchange information.
  • The practice of real-world skills with rich feedback in a safe environment that does not impact real processes or customers.
  • Mastery of a technique, behavior or method through guided rehearsals again and again, or as many times as is needed.
  • An emotional connection of the learning event to the learner because of the realistic and immersive nature of the training environment.
  • The learning to be embedded in the proper context by providing a simulation of the actual environment in which the employee or learner will be working.
  • Ability to learn, practice skills and interactions when and wherever an individual has access to a computer

What are the benefits for an ACE Partner?

  • Upskilling and retention of staff
  • Increased organizational capabilities
  • Business continuity planning achieved in terms of knowledge preservation and transfer for our partner AgriTech companies
  • Bespoke L&D training/competency plans for our partner AgriTech companies
  • The attraction of high performing and high caliber employees
  • Job creation and attraction of high performing talent to the sector

Getting Started with 'The ACE Experience'

  • Fill in the inquiry form outlining who you are and what the high-level training objectives are for you/ your organization
  • Speak to our Training and Development Specialist who will arrange a meeting to discuss your training needs
  • Embark on the ACE Learning Experience!


At ACE we understand that sometimes it may be a re-introduction or even a first-time experience to ACE learning and development for a lot of our learners. That is why the ACE Team is here to support our partner companies and their learners' needs. Whether it's support with module selection, training needs analysis, online learning, the technologies we integrate into the online learning experience or even juggling everything that goes along with the experience - the ACE Team is here to help our partners achieve their organizations' goals.

The ACE Classroom - Your online Virtual Learning Environment (VLE)

How does ACE online learning work for our partner companies?

The ACE - VLE offers our geographically dispersed learners the ability to come together in a virtual learning environment to learn, role-play, conduct meetings, and exchange information. This allows our learners to learn, practice skills and interactions when and wherever an individual has access to a computer. Depending on the ACE Learning Stream you choose, there are different login options available to you.
A first step in the process is to speak with our Training and Development Team.

Contact the ACE Team now!


Find out why our Industry partners upskill their workforce with us
  • Learn from a leading third-level institution in the AgriTech space
  • Study around your work and life commitments
  • Gain a university accredited qualification
  • Become a leader in the AgriTech sector

Certificate in AgriTech Development (Level 7) - Blended Learning

ACE, in conjunction with Munster Technological University, Kerry, has developed a Level 7 Certificate in AgriTech Development.

The modules on this programme address the current skills gaps in the AgriTech sector and provide students with a broad range of skills needed in the industry today.

This programme is designed for persons who are currently working in the AgriTech sector or want to pursue a career in the sector and need to develop their knowledge and skills accordingly.

Modules available:

Core- Strategic Sales and Selling, People management, Quality Management, and Lean Techniques

Elective (select 3)- Applied precision farming and instrumentation, Dairy technology, Farm mechanization 1, Power hydraulics and system design, Marketing and Strategic Planning, Social media tools

For further information CONTACT the ACE Training and Development Specialist