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The Future of Education through AR and VR Enhancements is a short interactive film on how Virtual and Augmented Reality, along with modern artificial and learning algorithms, can be used to deliver and enhance the current education system at all levels.

This piece demonstrates how using relatively inexpensive technologies available today can be harnessed and combined to deliver a rich and interactive educational experience for all users at all levels. This is achieved through the use of combining mobile Augmented Reality systems using Machine Vision to deliver context-sensitive information to the user when requested. Virtual Reality is used to fully immerse educators and learners in any imaginable scenario to deliver and consume content in a safe and structured environment.

By their very nature, these technologies are scalable and adaptable, making them perfect tools to be harnessed by almost any sector, not just Education.

A brief glimpse into the not-too-distant future

Advancements in mobile processing power, battery life, high-speed network connections, miniaturized display technology, artificial intelligence, and machine vision will revolutionize how we view and interact with the environment around us.

This brief concept shows how these technologies can be combined to enhance and engage the educational experience for both learner and lecturer.

Your chance to WIN!

As part of Kerry Science Week, ACE is giving one lucky Primary School in the Co. Kerry area a chance to win a fantastic prize.

The prize includes the use of a state-of-the-art AR/VR Kit for a full month, which includes a modem, a 10" tablet for teachers to present content, 20 AR-enabled smartphones for viewing content, and 20 VR Goggles for hours of fun and learning. Not only that, but you will also receive access to an AR Curriculum and content, courtesy of Aquila Education.

To win this amazing prize couldn't be easier. Simply enter your email address (which we will only use for verification purposes) and the name of the Co. Kerry Primary School you wish to nominate.

Christmas will definitely come early this year for one lucky school.

UPDATE: We will be choosing the winner of the ACE Science Week 2020 competition at 3 pm this coming Friday, 11 December via Facebook LIVE. Join us then to see if your school is the winner of our amazing prize.